担当: 英語
先生のふるさと: オーストラリア

My name is Brett.


I was born and raised in Maryborough a small country town in Queensland, Australia.


Maryborough has a population of around 26, 000 people. The main industries are sugar, cattle, and tourism. It is very close to Fraser Island which is the biggest sand Island in the world stretching over 100 kilometres.


It is also famous for ‘Queenslander’ homes. Because the temperature can get so hot in Queensland, these houses are built with large verandas and high ceilings to try and escape the heat. Often families will spend very little time indoors in Summer, instead retreating to the verandah for meals and a cool place to sit.


More recently, I lived on the famous Gold Coast. Many tourists and almost 1 million residents enjoy the sun, surf and sand. The Gold is famous for its surf beaches and hosts many international surfing events each year. The Gold Coast is famous for many other water activities including fishing and scuba diving but is also famous for the abundance of Golf Courses. There are over 30 golf courses in the area.


The #1 spectator sport in Queensland is Rugby League, slightly different to Rugby Union. Queensland is the home to two teams, The Brisbane Broncos and North Queensland Cowboys. The State of Origin held each year is one of Australia’s biggest sporting events, and highest rating television programs. Players born in Queensland compete against players born in New South Wales to sell out crowds over three matches.