Hi, My name’s Charles (please call me Charlie) and I come from Manchester, England.


If you’ve never been to Manchester, you don’t know what you’re missing. The city is now widely recognised as the coolest in Britain. Once known as ‘Cottonopolis’, where Rolls first met Royce, Manchester is one of England’s leading cities and was actually the world’s first industrial city. Also known as the capital of the north, Manchester has managed to successfully reinvent itself over the last decade and has now become an exciting and vibrant city.


Manchester has a wealth of attractions, including the Manchester Urbis, Manchester Town Hall, John Rylands Library, Manchester Cathedral , Concorde – one of the few remaining Concordes, the most famous plane ever made, is now on permanent display at Manchester airport’s Aviation Viewing Park, and of course, the Old Trafford Football Stadium – home to Manchester’s world-famous football team, Manchester United.

マンチェスターには、様々なアトラクションがあります。例えば、マンチェスター・アービス、マンチェスター・タウン・ホール、ジョーン・レイランズ図書館、マンチェスター寺院があり、今までに作られた最も有名な飛行機で、 現存しているコンコルドの一つが今マンチェスター空港の航空公園のディスプレイになっています。、もちろん、世界的に有名なサッカーチーム、マンチェスター・ユナイテッドのホームであるオールド・トラフォード・フットボール・スタジアムがあります。

Few cities in the world can compare to Manchester and the way that it has evolved with change over the years. Manchester has embraced change, redevelopment and design, producing many world-class buildings, shopping centres and houses, with impressive architecture. The city of Manchester is a wonderful place to visit at any time of year and Manchester has an enormous amount to offer tourists.


When in Manchester don’t forget to try the local beer “Boddingtons”, it’s just…erm… how can I put it…’UMAI!’