担当: 英語
先生のふるさと: アメリカ

Hi! My name is Brendan. I’m from the United States of America . I am an English teacher here at GLS.

こんにちは! 私の名前はブレンダンです。アメリカ出身で、GLSで英語の先生をしています。

About Me:

I came to Japan after teaching in an American public School.

I am from Washington DC .

I like music. I love to sing and play many instruments, including the cello and the guitar.

I am a vegetarian, which means that I don’t eat meat.


Washington DC is one of the most well known American cities, along with Chicago , New York , LA and San Francisco .

Every year, millions of tourists come to Washington DC from all over the world.

But there is more in Washington DC than just the famous tourist sights. I want to tell you some “little known facts” about Washington DC:


Because I’m vegetarian, I love to eat Ethiopian and Indian food. Many people from Ethiopia live in Washington DC , so there are many delicious restaurants. Ethiopian food is eaten with just your fingers!


Washington DC had no baseball team for 30 years. Now, DC has the Nationals! They are known as “The Nats” for short. I have been to a few games.

Official Washington Nationals Website |

ワシントンDCには30年間、野球チームがありませんでした。現在、DCにはナショナルズがあります。略して、 “The Nats”として知られています。私もいくつかのゲームに行ったことがあります。

In 2005, a baby Giant Panda was born at the Zoo. His name is Tai-Shan, which means “Peaceful Mountain”. These animals are very rare. Look for the webcam!


Washington DC was very important for Jazz music, and there are many famous jazz clubs. Duke Ellington’s first band was called “The Washingtonians”, because he was from Washington. My favorite jazz club is called HR-57.

ワシントンDCはジャズ音楽にとって、とても重要でした。そして、今も多くの有名なジャズ・クラブがあります。 デューク・エリントンの最初のバンドは “The Washingtonians”と呼ばれていました。というのは、彼はワシントン出身だったからです。私のお気に入りのジャズ・クラブはHR-57と呼ばれています。