Good News!! 高校卒業後、アメリカの大学に留学した生徒からメールが届きました!


How are you doing?
I am on my way to Chicago because of Thanksgiving holiday!
I have a good news!
I just had done my big tasks which were two essay last week, 
and they were graded and returned.
One of them was free topic, so I wrote about characteristics 
of girls from girls only school.
The other one was analysis essay, so all of my classmates 
wrote about same TV show‘s  episode.
Those essays occupied 25% of entire grades, 
and I did it! :Essay 1 (86/90) Essay 2(76/80).
I feel confident from the results! 
I just want to let you know my good news:)
Hope you are okay with everything, and take care yourself!



Aiさんは『留学を考えている人たちに少しでも役立てば!』と思い、ブログでアメリカの留学生活を、リポートしてくれています! ぜひ参考にしてください!